The Sire Battery For 2016 Lambs
You can see our sires' pedigree and EBVs by clicking on their ID below.
Updated 12/5/2014
Uncompahgre Polypay Farm - Polypay Sheep
Flock Sires - Polypay Rams
13383 is to the left, B355 is to his right, B341 is in front of B355, NR1148 is next and H14009 is the
younger ram in front.
Updated 8/6/2016    
Polypay Rams
Uncompahgre Polypay Farm
The home of production Polypays
Polypay Rams
Polypay Ewes
Polypay Sheep
The front ram is 5199.  He is the Highest
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Polypay Elite Proven Sires Report July 2016